Christmas in Korea

As the holiday season continues on, I’ve not forgotten how festive and fun my first Thanksgiving in Korea was. It’s no surprise I wanted to keep the good times rolling by spreading some holiday cheer for Christmas. I asked my Korean co-teachers, friends and students how they celebrate Christmas. In

McDonald’s in Korea

I’m not ashamed to admit I get cravings for McDonald’s, just like anybody else. Despite eating a multitude of fabulous Korean dishes throughout my time here, sometimes I just want fast food and something “Western.” McDonald’s has quickly become my go-to for this fix because although they have many Korean-influenced

The Best Korean Snacks

Whether you’re hitting the pavement in a new city, working through a busy afternoon or just Netflix and chillin’, you can’t beat a good snack to power you through. Koreans have not only mastered a culture of addicting main dishes, but their snack game ain’t too shabby, either. I’ve tried

Thanksgiving in Korea

Holidays of all sorts were celebrated in my house when we were growing up, but we had a particularly heavy hand of influence from my maternal Grandma. This strong Catholic lady didn’t put up with any nonsense, but she also didn’t hold back when it came to making sure all

What is Kimjang?

I walked into school last week and my nose reminded me the day I had been waiting for all semester had finally arrived: Kimjang Day! There’s no mistaking the fermented garlic, fish and chili smell so indicative of kimchi. A quick glimpse into the science room gave me a preview

DMZ and the North Korean Border

Going on a tour to see the DMZ (Demilitarized Zone separating North Korea from South Korea) wasn’t something I considered doing while in South Korea, whether it be from the theatrical news stories or my own personal fears. However, I decided to buck up when my American friends came to

Allergy Friendly Halloween Treats

Halloween has always been a beloved holiday for my brothers and me. As a kid, the excitement was palpable as we hurriedly dressed in our costumes after school and waited for the sun to set. We readied our pillow cases (#1: our Mom was smart enough not to waste money

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