Korean Candied Sweetpotatoes

Sweetpotatoes are loved around the world, but especially here in South Korea. Walking through the many food markets in the city and the countryside, sweetpotatoes can be found in a variety of dishes, fire roasted on their own or as one of my favorite snacks, goguma mattang (고구마 맛탕). I’ve

Ginger Chili Beef

My Ginger Chili Beef comes together in mere minutes and hosts a plethora of ways to adapt it to your liking whether it’s adding more chilis to make it spicier, swapping out wheat flour for a FODMAP and/or allergy friendly option and using whichever vegetables you like to serve with

Sweetpotato Noodle Soup

Celebrate the North Carolina SweetPotato Commission’s 60th Anniversary with me by pulling together a pot of my Sweetpotato Noodle Soup for you and yours this month! My Sweetpotato Noodle Soup is just the thing to warm up your soul during these winter days, all while giving you a nutritious and

Beef Up the Holidays with Slow Cooker Pho

My Vietnamese holiday traditions have included creating a special meal like pho to share with my family and friends throughout the years. Pho is usually reserved for special occasions because it takes a lot of time, effort and ingredients to make from scratch. Even though I’m celebrating differently this year,

Maple Mustard Sweetpotato Chicken Skewers

School is back in session for most of us around the world with varying degrees of in person or virtual learning. We’ve been adapting to our new routines and that includes what to pack for our little ones’ lunches! My Maple Mustard SweetPotato Chicken Skewers are just the thing to

Stay Strong with Family Meal Time

Sharing a meal together with my family around the table after a long day of school was the norm for me growing up. This habit continued on into my adult life by treating my friends like family and having them over for big family style dinners where we can catch

Sweet Heat Peanut Potatoes

Peanuts are the mighty powerhouses offering delicious flavor in a compact little bite. Protein? Check. Healthy fats? Check. Fiber to leave you feeling fuller for longer? Check. I’ve always got peanuts on hand whether they’re roasted and ready to grab as a snack or creamy peanut butter ready to spread

Summer Comfort Flavor with Turkey Taco Meatloaf

Did you know, not only are canned foods a great way to work in a variety of comfort food dishes year-round, they’re just as nutritious as their fresh, frozen and dried counterparts? It’s true. They’re also a winner when it comes to fighting food waste.   The benefits don’t just

Peanut Butter Noodles

I’ve made a variation of these Peanut Butter Noodles ever since I found out I wasn’t allergic to peanuts in grade school. Tree nuts are still a no go, but to be able to add in another safe food to my diet was so exciting. I couldn’t get enough of

How Dietitians Can Support Farmers

In honor of Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Day, I’m giving you 3 ways Dietitians can support Farmers. After all, farmers are the people who work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days of the year to grow, harvest and distribute the food that ends up on plates

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