Consistent Excellence from M Sushi

M Sushi has always received my unwavering patronage for many reasons, but particularly because Owner and Chef, Mike Lee, is a truly talented chef along with being a generously humble contributor to many charitable causes including our Hottest Chefs of the Calendar. Originally from South Korea, Chef Mike has wasted no time in establishing his restaurant group, M Restaurants, and taking the Triangle restaurant scene by storm. Along with M Sushi, M Kokko and the recently opened M Tempura, he has at least three more restaurants slated to open under M Restaurants. Each one specializes in a different arena of food so you’re able to partake in the same quality and care from restaurant to restaurant, all while eating dishes that have been carefully crafted for your enjoyment.


M Sushi also hits the “trifecta” of the dining out experience. Impeccable service, incredible food and relaxed atmosphere. These three details are crucial when it comes time for me to choose not only where to eat, but whether I start recommending it to friends and family, too. M Restaurant’s M Sushi and M Kokko have undoubtedly become trendy locales on their own and no longer hidden gems. Despite this, I’m happy to see they’re keeping up with the demand by continually providing great supply.



M Special Roll from M Sushi


M Sushi’s menu caters to every sushi goer’s level, whether it’s your first time eating sushi or you’re a seasoned veteran. The level of detail is also addressed to make sure the dishes are allergy-friendly to meet your needs. Even during the peak of service and dishes are flying out to tables left and right, they’re all prepared in the same dedicated, reverent manner. Along with the open sushi kitchen concept, you can’t help but delight in your food a little more when you see how hard the team is working. I’ve eaten just about everything on M Sushi’s menu and have loved it all, so I like opting for the omakase style dining so Chef Mike and his team can curate the dining experience for me. There’s also three different omakase options to choose from depending on what kind of mood you’re in.



Sashimi course from M Sushi’s Omakase menu


Smack dab next to/attached to M Sushi is its sister restaurant, M Kokko. This little test kitchen is exactly this – compact in physical size but also in seating. The two standouts for me are the ramen and the fried chicken sandwich. The fried chicken sandwich is famed and for good reason – it’s effing delicious.



Fried Chicken Sandwich from M Kokko


With the anticipation and build up of M Restaurants’ newest concept, M Tempura, just opening, you can bet it’ll be one of the first places I check out the next time I’m back in North Carolina. What’s your favorite M Restaurant spot and dish? Let me know in the comments below! Don’t forget to subscribe to my blog and check in for my regular posts over on InstagramFacebook and Twitter.

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