Postal Fish Company’s Coastal Cuisine

The slew of oysters and fish filling my social feeds easily give away I am an equal opportunity seafood lover. Any time I’m able to experience the freshness of the sea, I am on board! Cue the North Carolina restaurant serving up all varieties of regional seafood both familiar and obscure, Postal Fish Company. Postal Fish Company in Pittsboro recently celebrated their first birthday and this seafood heaven has slowly started to receive the acclaim it more than deserves.


I had the pleasure of meeting Chefs and Owners James and Marcey Clark and Bill Hartley while working on the Hottest Chefs of the Triangle 2018 Calendar. My interest was piqued not only to meet this friendly and talented trio, but with the news that their soon-to-open restaurant would focus on the glorious bounty of the Virginia and Carolina coastal waters.


Named for the old post office building it once was, Postal Fish Company has blossomed into being the low-profile dinner spot to kick back and enjoy one of the many seafaring delights. While the menu has a few staples including oysters on the half shell and their signature desserts by Chef Marcey, the exact varieties change daily depending on the season and what is available from the fishermen and women Chefs Bill and James have working relationships with down on the coast. Not a seafood lover? No problem. Postal Fish Company always has many allergy-friendly, vegetarian and land-loving carnivore options. They are also more than capable and willing to accommodate any food allergies and/or dietary restrictions. Just let them know!


Check out the lavish menu served up by Chefs James, Bill and Marcey at our media dinner last winter. No matter the season, you can bet everything will be just as generous and wonderful when you head into Postal Fish Company!


fish dip

Course 1: Smoked Whitefish Dip and Fried Saltines

Imagine the tuna salad and crackers you grew up eating. Except this version is one hundred times better with the smokiness of the dip being cut by the fried saltines so good you can eat them by the handful on their own.



Course 2: Oysters on the half shell

Oysters. Need I say more? I could have nine courses of these guys alone. Just like the fish, oyster varieties rotate according to seasonal availability, too.



Course 3: Braised Beef Short Rib Ravioli

House made pasta filled with luscious braised short ribs? Uh, yes, please! The baby kale added the needed crunch and touch of bitterness to cut through the rich pasta.



Course 4: Beer Steamed Littleneck Clams

This was an upscale take on the simple beer, butter and (insert any shellfish item here). It’s a classic for a reason!



Course 5: Shrimp Boudin Balls

These crackling balls of perfection were the perfect mashup of shrimp and boudin (basically a dirty rice sausage – what could be better?). I could easily eat a dozen of these bad boys.



Course 6: Rockfish with Shrimp Velouté, Winter Squash and Sunflower Shoots

The crispy seared skin gave way into the familiar mild taste and flaky texture of the rockfish I know and love. The shrimp velouté was just the umami kick needed to balance the rockfish without overpowering it.



Course 7: Wreck Fish with Crispy Brussels Sprouts and Coal-Roasted Fennel Soubise

I’ve never had wreck fish before, which isn’t uncommon since it’s not a readily available option in many restaurants. This rarity is named for being caught near ship wrecks on the ocean floor. The taste and texture was unsurprisingly meaty, since it has to withstand the cold environment of the depths of the ocean.



Course 8: Key Lime Pie

Chef Marcey has a way with desserts, let me tell you. Her key lime pie was what every key lime pie should be, just tart enough to keep you going back for every last bite.



Course 9: Coconut Cake

Not to be outdone by the previous eight courses or first dessert, the coconut cake was the proverbial cherry on top of a fabulous meal with outstanding service by the humbly dedicated folks behind Postal Fish Company.


I would readily order any of these items again and I have no hesitations when saying this is a must-stop for anyone in and around the Triangle area. Pittsboro is a small town, but only a quick 20-minute drive from Chapel Hill or a scenic 40-minute drive west from downtown Raleigh. What’s even better is their passion rooted in bringing notoriety to the underutilized, regional coastal offerings so plentiful in our area.


Happy First Birthday to Postal Fish Company and here’s to many more years of great coastal cooking from the crew. Have you had a chance to eat at Postal Fish Company? Leave a little love for them in the comments below! Don’t forget to subscribe to my blog and check in for my regular posts over on InstagramFacebook and Twitter.

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