TNC Foodtracks Vol. 3

Here’s my last stateside Foodtracks for a while. Thanks to all my sweet friends for making these family dinners and food memories happen before I leave. It’s been bittersweet being able to spend time with everyone before I venture off to the other side of the world, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything. See you on the other side for Vol. 4 in South Korea!

1. Mama Carlton’s Bolognese

Deep in the heart of Duplin County lives some of the sweetest people, specifically the Carlton family. Mama Carlton whipped this up for us on our girl’s trip and I still lick my lips and daydream of how great this Bolognese is. Slightly spicy, tons of vegetables and yummy pork sausage. I mean, it is DuCo, after all!


2. Quinn & Paten‘s Chicken and Pastry

The Soulfull Sisters continued their hospitality in the Triangle by sharing a piece of their family history with me in the tangible, tantalizing form of chicken and pastry. This version uses Anne’s pastry with crisp sweet peas and egg for added texture.


3. Gran’s Chicken and Pastry and Southern Hospitality Spread

Sweet Gran lives down in Four Oaks and uses Atkinson’s pastry in her chicken and pastry. Not to be outdone by that delicious dish in and of itself, she crafted a bounty of all the area’s finest: creamed corn, butter beans, field peas, hush puppies, pickles and relishes and chicken salad.

IMG_20180105_185942636 (1)

4. Mocktails with The Whimsy One

Nothing better than fizzy seltzer with a heavy splash of lemon juice. Refreshing in the middle of winter or on a scorching summer day. Bonus points for the gorgeous mug and garnishing ala Tony B.



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  1. […] an affinity for many Southern food traditions. How can you say no to buttery skillet cornbread, chicken and pastry, Eastern style barbeque or oyster roasts? Along with those delectable dishes, I’ve picked up […]


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