Easy Three Pasta

This recipe can’t get any easier. Three ingredients: sauce, pasta and protein/veggies of choice. Yes, that’s it! You can get more creative with it to add in bits of this and that you may have leftover in the fridge, but you can’t go wrong with the original three ingredients.

The real standout for this one is Nellino’s Sauce. Nellino’s Sauce comes in four flavors: Marinara, Tomato & Basil, Hot & Spicy and Pomodoro. Each has their own distinct, yet subtle flavor profile without being overwhelming. Nellino’s is also the only brand I’ve had where I didn’t need to doctor it up with this or that to be palatable. If you haven’t tried Nellino’s yet, I suggest giving them a try for this recipe. Not only does the sauce taste great, they are huge proponents in giving back to the local food community through their #SauceSelfie social media campaign.

Easy Three Pasta


One (24 oz.) jar of Nellino’s Sauce, any flavor
One pound of cooked pasta, any variety (whole grain and gluten free both work well)
One pound of cooked protein (shredded pork, ground turkey, soy crumbles) or roasted vegetables


1. Mix together all ingredients until well combined.
2. Serve Easy Three Pasta hot or cold, diner’s choice!


Easy Three Pasta

A big thank you to Neal McTighe, owner of Nellino’s Sauce Co., for the product samples. They’ve been put to good use!

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