TNC Foodtracks Vol. 1

This first volume is inspired by Paten and Quinn, the lovely ladies behind Soulfull Sisters. On the drive back from our last farm tour, they posed a question I’d never thought of. “What was your favorite bite from this trip?” I can list countless food memories I’ve shared with friends and family over the years. But my favorite bite?

Much like music, there are some dishes I’ve eaten and I just can’t get them out of my head. The flavor, the texture, the atmosphere, all of it. This is more or less a way for me to track my favorite bites that I’m currently replaying.

Now sit back and enjoy the first volume hot out of the kitchen!

1. M Sushi – salmon sashimi

Slightly cured, this salmon doesn’t leave your lips slick from the rich omega-3 fats. It’s a touch sweet and the texture is as if someone told the salmon to stand at attention before blissfully melting in your mouth.


M Sushi’s salmon sashimi in the middle

2. Sassool – tabouli

Easily enjoyed by the pint, Sassool’s tabouli has enough lemon to keep the parsley vibrant and green and lend an acidic note to the cracked wheat.

3. Garland – tteokbokki

These little rice cakes alternate between crispy exterior and chewy interior. Dressed in a sweet-forward sauce, it leaves your lips tingling with heat but craving for more.


Garland’s tteokbokki

4. Piedmont – braised cheesy carrot

Hats off to celebrating the beautiful bounty of North Carolina produce. The savory familiarity of grilled cheese bits that fall around the edges of the carrot before giving way to a sweet, soft carrot.

5. Clowes’ Kitchen – fried chicken

Pickle brined and seasoned with everything but the kitchen sink, this double dipped fried wonder is a game changer. Hoping this will be available to the masses soon.


Clowes’ Kitchen’s fried chicken

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